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The city's stereo music hall introduces new drone engineering for this stunning Christmas 2018 Town Rockettes PANDORA Jewelry & radio stations provide an overview of the technologies guiding the Christmas demonstrations, which take place every twelve months. Stunning Christmas with Radio Town The Rockettes took a look at the new technologies that guided the finale "The Christmas Lighting" of April 11th. The Christmas Stupefy will work late in search

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of January 1, 2019. The global performances of the included drones presented in the brand new final arena will mark the first of its kind for the resident theater, then for Apple, the world leader in the invention of drones. Obscura Electronic Digital has designed new digital projections that reach the demo phase after dark and help the Apple drones in the final scene to scramble the queue between miracle and reality. Seat tickets are registered for the sale made now in the rockets. netAndChristmas possibly at the workplace of Radio Town. Flip through the photos with the new technologies below:

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